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Operating mode of sharing power banks

2022-09-22 08:36:24 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

1. Mobile sharing power banks in mobile mode

      As the name implies, the power bank can be taken away and returned at another station. This mode is similar to sharing bicycles.

     The main profit points of this mode lie in the rent of the sharing power bank itself, the advertisement on the machines, and the sale of supporting data cables. The advantage of this mode is that users will be charged a deposit when renting a power bank, similar to the deposit policy of sharing bicycles. However, unlike shared bicycles, the deposit of a shared power bank can basically cover the cost of a single power bank, so the risk is relatively small. Some merchants can also set no deposit to rent power bank to obtain more users.

sharing power banks

2. Mobile sharing power banks in fixed scenarios

     After the user rents a power bank, he/she will still be around and return to the original place after using. Compared with the first mode, this mode has less capital investment and lower risk compared with the remote return. In addition, the allocation of power banks between regions is eliminated, and the operation cost is small. Correspondingly, the main revenue of this mode comes from the rent and the sale of data cables, and the advertising revenue is much lower than that of the first mode

3、Fixed sharing power bank in fixed scenarios

     This mode is generally shown that a board is installed on the table in restaurants, cafes, etc. The charging cable and data cable are integrated, which can be used immediately without renting or paying a deposit. This mode has the advantages of low cost and machines puting fast. Since there is no need to lend the power bank, the depreciation of the product is small and the risk is small. Its disadvantage is that the profit point is single, and there is basically only rental income.