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Notes on installing shared power bank to the store

2022-09-21 10:25:13 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

High-quality merchants can generate a lot of income by investing in shared power bank. Smart agents know that, as a shared power bank product, transaction is only the beginning of sales, and continuous and stable income is the ultimate source of interest. Today we will take a look at shared power bank products. What should I pay attention to when installing the power bank in the store? What are the maintenance tips after laying the shared power bank?

1. Paste the maintenance contact information on the cabinet

Sales preparation: Agents need to prepare stickers in advance to print their own maintenance calls.

After-sale service: When the shared power bank is deployed to the merchant, whether it is a clerk or a user, as long as they encounter a problem, they can contact them at any time through the contact information, and for some merchants who also want to place a shared power bank, they can directly contact the maintenance phone to apply for the shared power bank. power bank delivery.

Whether you are maintaining equipment or advertising yourself, it is necessary to leave your contact information in the cabinet. In addition, you can prepare some souvenirs, such as pens, tissues, etc., to customize your own shared power bank advertisement and give it to the merchant for free. , can also give its own publicity.

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2. Add the contact information of the store owner

Teaching background use: shared power bank is deployed to the business, and it needs to share profits with the business owner, so it is necessary to keep in touch with the boss. You can add the boss's contact information on the grounds of teaching the background to use it to facilitate after-sales, which can also expand your network, after all Those who can open a store have certain economic strength.

When the local shared power bank equipment is laid to a certain level and the quality of the equipment is good, the agents in the later stage can obtain a large number of high-quality merchant resources through referrals.

Through statistics, we found that 40% of the merchants asked to replace the shared power bank because the after-sales service could not find anyone, so in the end they could not handle the after-sales service, which would reduce the overall customer satisfaction with the store, so the agent and the boss maintained a good relationship. Connection is crucial.

3. Sign the business agreement

Merchant agreement refers to an agreement between an agent and a merchant. There are two benefits to signing a merchant agreement:

Guarantee for the store: Verbal promises often make people feel very uneasy. Signing a merchant agreement is a guarantee for the merchant, so many merchants will also ask to sign a merchant agreement.

More stable merchants: Now the competition for shared power banks is fierce, and many high-quality merchants are envious. Therefore, if the revenue of the machines under the agent's name is stable, the profit sharing can be appropriately increased, and the merchants can sign an exclusive placement agreement.

4. Regular maintenance of equipment

For the equipment that is spread out, long-term operation and maintenance are required for the continuous and stable income:

Cleaning: The equipment is cleaned from time to time, and the clean equipment will be rented and used by more people

Replenishing treasures: Some places have good locations, such as stations, bars, etc., and the loss rate is high. Many customers who use the charging treasure do not return it and buy it out. At this time, the equipment needs to be replenished in time, and the data can be monitored in the background.

Equipment damage handling: The shared power bank is an electronic product, and it is inevitable that there will be damage. When the merchant actively informs the agent that the equipment is damaged, it is necessary to replace the new equipment with the merchant in time.

General customer complaint handling: When encountering customer complaints, it needs to be dealt with in a timely manner without delay, so as to improve the re-rental rate, and merchants are more willing to recommend the power bank to more people.

The above are the precautions for laying businesses of shared power banks. STW Technology improves one-stop shared power bank franchise agency and OEM services, and the cooperation is 100%. Welcome to consult and come to the company to discuss cooperation.

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