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How does the public rental power bank make money?

2022-09-21 10:09:37 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

If you pay attention to public places such as shopping malls or stations in some cities, you may find many more shared charging machines. Users can rent a power bank or pay for fast charging by scanning the code with their mobile phones. So how does the public rental power bank make money?

1. Timing charge

Public rental power banks are charged by hour, which usually sets a daily maximum. It is common to set $10-$20 in normal settings, and this part of the revenue is very good. Many agents who join in public rental power banks earn money on this part.
Let's simply make a calculation. For example, STW's 9 slots rental power bank station. If use 1 hour every day, and rent set as $2 per hour. The daily income will be $9 (totally $18, and you will get $9 from the merchant 50/50). The monthly income will be $270 , and the annual income will be $3240. Suppose you invest in 50 sets of rental power bank stations, the income in this year is about $162000. And the service life of the shared rental power bank station is generally 2-3 years.

rent a power bank


This data does not mean the random use of users data, but after putting many rental power bank stations, which can accumulate enough data to explore the new demands of users in the scene. Create user portraits based on data, provide personalized services, and have profit margins

3. Advertising
Advertising is also a very large space for development and eyeball economy. On the shared charging cabinets, on the shared power banks, and on the front-end software of the shared power banks, they can be used well to display advertisements.

4. Rent
At present, the most important thing is to make profits by rent. One station will recover its cost in 4-6 months, while a shared power bank may recover its cost in 2-3 months