18 years focus on R&D and production of mobile phone batteries

Smartphones and Shared Power banks

Smartphones have become a crucial part of everyone’s daily life. And they have become so advanced, the majority of the work can be done on them easily. But the only thing that we always worry is low battery. Your smartphone often runs out of battery when you need it.To fix the low battery issue, a simple, quick and convenient solution comes out. We got a shared power bank! It is an on-the-go shared power bank rental service with charging stations spread over the markets.

Will the power banks be stolen?

Many clients who know this power bank sharing business ask this question. The STW shared power bank adds a patented electronic anti-theft circuit to prevent false return. As shown in the video, when we try to return the power bank with tape, the system detects it and the order will not be ended, the return will not be successful. In addition, the electronic lock is strongly reinforced to stop the power bank from being pulled out manually. As you can see in the video, we did five times drop tests from 1.5 meters height and the results are good.

About US

Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen in 2004. It is the earliest factory engaged in the R&D and production of the software and hardware integration of the shared power bank station system. It is one of only few custom factories with independent software and hardware teams to design and produce one-stop shared power bank station.
6 years of experience in the production of shared power banks, from the first generation of shared power banks to the fourth generation of electronic anti-theft shared power banks, from domestic small programs to overseas APP customization in more than 60 countries, constantly focusing on customer needs, and continuous product upgrades. Won the praise of nearly 100 customers all over the world.
Combining market advantages and the characteristics of other brands, we have developed a newer, more stable, and more cost-effective sharing model. We uphold the core spirit of professionalism, innovation, and win-win. Through strict quality standards, scientific development processes, and high-quality after-sales services, we ensure the commercial value of our customers, and help global customers realize their dreams of Internet entrepreneurship.

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shared power bank rental station

How does STW Sharing Power Bank work?

Power bank rental business is a fast-going business in rent years. It’s innovative, trending and profitable, different public places may become your partners and merchants. In the power bank rental business, the key is to expand faster than competitors. And it’s important to create business cooperation with more and more restaurants, bars, shops, clubs and other public areas. Join Power Bank Rental Business With Us!

Why do you need to add expensive POS to the shared power bank?

Older users cannot use your power bank rental service when they don't know how to download the APP. These aged clients habitually swipe credit cards, they may be a bit worried about the operation coz it's a bit complicated for them to learn how to download the APP, how to register the APP, how to rent a power bank. They wanna a easy way to use your service.

Multiple payment methods

We did payment integration based on different local payment gateways with multiple payment methods, including Apple pay, Google pay, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American express, Debit cards

Why Choose STW Shared Power Bank Rental Station?

Hardware&Software manufacturer Our factory was established in 2004 and we have offered shared power bank stations to 40+ countries for 100+ overseas clients, we customized APP software based on different payment systems for our clients' share power bank projects. Technical support and strong production 3 senior developers, 25 seasoned professionals who commit to client's power bank sharing business to exceed their expectations. Full and long experience Our long experience at the top of the shared power bank business means we have full experience in a number of customized hardwares and softwares, as well as knowledge of clients' specific requirements and local payment methods. Follow our clients Our strong sense of identification with clients' sharing power bank projects, means that we are constantly striving to provide solutions, even for issues they aren’t yet aware of.